Oh, it was this week!

I'm waiting for toast to complement my protein breakfast shake then I'll warm up my coffee and be on my way for my 6+ hour driving loop down to Houston.  This time last week I was doing the same but it was the wrong week so that run turned out to be practice.  It was pouring rain last week and the power went out in Starbucks and all the rest of the breakfast places before I could get there.  This week it is only overcast with some rain likely and I'm not taking chances on anything but am drinking my breakfast here.  

Two-ish hours in a car with three unvaccinated kids ramps up my anxiety a little but I've gotten used to the idea and will likely not have them wear masks but I might keep a window cracked to be sure the air keeps moving.  I miss the smoker's triangle vent windows in the cars when I was young.  But I like air conditioning more.  The odds are so much in my favor I'm not really worried.  It is just a reflex.  

Round trip and I'll be back here before 2 and definitely ready for a nap.  I'm not used to being on a schedule so this messed up my sleep last night.  This and the soccer Austin FC vs Seattle Sounders game that was on until 10:30.  West coast games are always too late.  It was worth it.  Not a win but a tie with the best team in the league.  

Time for toast.


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