My wife went to the store on Wednesday.  I nearly always do the shopping and a lot of the stocking up comes out of my head as I walk through the store as does a lot of our meal ideas.  But she wanted to go.  Of course the next day, yesterday, I thought of more things we needed that I probably would have remembered as I wandered down the isles.  Rather than go to the store I took advantage of our HEB online ordering and free shopping (it used to cost $5 which was just enough to put me off but now is free over $35.. pretty much two packs of gum).  I set up an order and Dana is going in towards the big city of Georgetown today to get Toby's hair cut so she's going to pick it up on her way back.

Of course this morning I thought of one more thing.  I put it in Amazon for delivery.

That will probably keep me until Sunday by which time I will have thought of something else.  And this on top of an excellent system we have with Alexa to just tell her anytime we're missing something.  

HEB is currently constructing a store within bike riding distance that should be open in the fall.  I'm thinking it is perfect for me.  Hop on the bike with a back pack and get the lettuce for dinner I'd forgotten earlier in the day.

Just in time.


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