Lawn maintenance

With all the rain we're getting our lawn looks like one from Florida.  It is nearly golf course smooth.  I gave it a haircut today and seeded some small spots that still have not recovered from winter but they are minor and can only be seen if you are walking on it.   One advantage of a postage size bit of yard is that I can pay attention to the small things.  The other is a battery lawn mower and trimmer.  Huge luxury.

Lawn, xeriscape, and above ground pool for Zoe
Lawn, xeriscape, and above ground pool for Zoe

Most of the plants on the berm are imported from our previous house where Dana 'relocated' them from the wild.  She buys very few plants so they do well in the hot summer sun.  As does the grass.  It is a buffalo type of bermuda grass that loves dry and sun.  In the hot months I'll likely run the water system one day for 15 minutes.  The weeds that pop up die off in the summer while the grass does just fine.  

After walking Zoe and yard work I'm ready for a nap.  Now the south 40 is done.


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