Hard to watch tennis

I love watching the major tennis tournaments.  Australian, French, Wimbledon and US Open.  Generally by the time the Open is done I'm sated until the spring.  Especially in the last couple of years the women have been the show.  There are more great women players now than any time in my life.  I watch the men too but they are more predictable and less interesting right now.

My mom was a tennis player and I don't remember the first time I picked up a racket.  I was never very good but played for nearly 50 years.  And watched the matches with mom for hours at a time.  And went to the stadiums with her to watch live.  I never watch now days without being with her.

But for the French Open anyway, this year is really hard.  They will have the finals on NBC/CBS/ABC ... one of them.  But I'd be watching all day every day if I didn't have to pay for it on three different subscriptions.  The Tennis Channel has most of them ($109/year .. but you can quit whenever you want... right).  Two hours today on the major network and then to Peacock for whatever the hell that costs to get one match.  I'm pretty disgusted by the whole thing.

Even with that I got to see Serena and Goff and Stevens today all win.

I'll have to look at Wimbledon and see how it will be broadcast.  


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