End of clouds and rain?

The forecast looks "much better" as the weather people put it.  Meaning no rain in the future and temps in the 90+.  I'm hoping they are wrong since once we enter the  summer pattern it is pretty much no change until late October.  The cloudy day today might be the last for a while.  June is still frequently a rainy month so it may come back but I'm not counting on it.

We had a nice walk this morning but when the clouds cleared for a bit the sun at 8 was already uncomfortable and the temp was only 70.

I'll be doing whatever it is I'm going to do outside before 10 for a while, I think.  Zoe gets me up when it gets light out which is 7ish now days anyway and she's ready to go.

This week starts off with a CASA court hearing on Monday and Dana heading up to see her son sometime in the week.  His birthday is Saturday so I'll be on my own for a few days, always a weird time.  

I decided to go on a bike ride and test my endurance (a little) in 80+ weather.  I did OK but am still recovering.  I need to do it more to become acclimated, I think.  Something definitely easier a few years ago.


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