Zoom court

The best thing to come out of Covid was the move of the court system, at least the part I'm involved with, to a virtual state.  Before Covid I'd now be driving around the courthouse right now trying to find a parking place.  Once done, through the security, watches, phone, keys, belt (oh, yeah, first of all get dressed to business casual).  Then sit outside the courtroom for half an hour waiting for our turn so I could stand before the judge and give my one minute summation of the status of the children in our case.  It was a labor of love but still a labor.  Now I can shower late, put on a decent shirt, get some coffee while I wait for 11:30 to roll around and have notes on my other screen if there are questions.  And be back home when it is done.  

I suspect that we'll remain virtual.  There is really nothing to be gained by a physical presence.  At least I hope so.  The kids will soon be settled so maybe CASA will close out the case anyway but I'm over the trip to the court.  

Other than that a quiet day.  Already went for a walk with Zoe.  It was 77 this morning when I got up so going early was kind of important.  As warm as that sounds and as humid as it was there was a nice breeze and it was not too hot to be enjoyable.   

No bike today.  I need to take a day off.  Yesterday was an OK ride but my legs felt kind of heavy so I need to give the big muscles a day off.  Maybe tomorrow.  

I got some Orange Blossom cooking water yesterday from Amazon so I'm thinking a sweet brioche today.  Never made a brioche before so it should be interesting.


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