A little warm here too

I feel for the north and east.  Having lived here now for 16 summers my only interest is when the triple digits start and so far this year we've been luck.   The rain has gone and the temps are going up but in the ten day it does not go above 94 (34+) so in June that's a win.  And our AC is excellent.   But I remember 100+ in Maine in the 1970s and NO AC at all.  Same in NYC.  So I have sympathy.

My biggest issue is I think I'm too old to go out in near 90 degree sun on my bike.  Which leaves me with the only choice of getting up early and riding which means riding before I walk Zoe.  And that means getting up at dawn.  Yuck.  I used to get up at 6 or so and ride about 20 miles nearly every morning before work.  It was great to be out and riding when the sun came up but I've gotten out of the early rising habit.

But I need to do more than a daily mile and a half walk.  So I'll give it a shot tomorrow and see how it works out.  Maybe sleep in late to 6:30.  No need to push it.

Today is Dinnerly delivery day.  So nice to have three days of no meal planning or buying.  Lazy.  They are still about $40 so that's $6.70 per person per meal.  And the food is nearly always excellent and creative and not what I would normally make.  I actually just upped our meal count to 4 for next week.  An additional day of lazy.  Looking forward to it.


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