All by myself

Well, not true.  I can hear Zoe snoring behind me:

We both like the AC
We both like the AC

Dana is going to visit her son today, a four hour trip, and will return on Monday so a few days of being alone.  Not that it matters too much.  Things are pretty quiet regardless.  

I've got nothing much planned today.  Think it is too late to cut the grass.  Not that the grass cares but when I can do it any day it seems kind of pointless to wait until it is hot to start.  So I'll likely do it when we get back from our walk tomorrow morning.  

This is not an arduous assignment.  With my battery powered lawn mower and battery trimmer and blower it probably takes me less than 20 minutes.  And I doubt it really needs trimming this time so probably about 10 minutes total.  It is so nice to have a small yard.

Other than that and some cleaning and finally some French Open, Women's Semis on now.  Unfortunately I don't much care about anyone left in the draw.  One of the reasons I really want to see the first week so I can watch people I want to see.   I think Wimbledon will have more time on ESPN.  Looking forward to it.


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