Bread day

I'm out of bread and was going to get some at the store but really don't have anything else to get so I found a sandwich bread recipe I'm going to try.  I've never made a white bread that I like but have started to slice and freeze whatever I make and don't immediately eat.  Any of it is good as toast so I'll try again.   I need some sandwich bread with enough gluten to not fall apart.

Other than that I'll likely stay in the AC today.  Zoe and I already went out and I'm half an hour back and still dripping with sweat.  That time of year.  After biking yesterday I can take a day off.  Probably will do some stretches and watch the women's tennis final staring two unpronounceables. 

And later today see if I can figure out how to watch Austin FC (stream on the PC and cast to Roku has worked before).  

Quite day in Georgetown.


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