Drawer full of vegetables

There are a very few vegetables I eat.  The system has worked for almost 68 years so I'm long past taking advice on the topic.

My wife eats a variety of them.  For some reason she filled up a refrigerator drawer full of squash and artichoke (who the hell picked up that and said 'oooh, that looks tasty?) other vegetable like things I don't want and then left for half a dozen days.  No intention there.  She just was using two brains.  One — I want veggies.  Two — time to go to see my son.  The two brains forgot to discuss the disconnect.  It happens to me all the time.

But now I've got to figure out how to salvage the vegetables.  The artichoke is history.  No saving it.  But the rest of the stuff in the drawer will, I think, go into a summer succotash ready for her return.  Maybe a casserole kind of thing that I can freeze in sections.  Worst case is it will be thrown out after the fact if it is not good.  I can cook veggies as long as I don't have to taste them.

Meanwhile I've got one more Dinnerly meal to eat.  Since they came for two I've been cooking once every two days.  Today and probably lunch tomorrow.  It has worked out pretty well.  Each meal is about $6.70 so I've been eating decent food and not spending money.  A good combination.

Other than that it is another quiet day.  Dana is likely to come home tomorrow now she has had extra time with her son.  So no more quiet.  Zoe will be happy for the chaos of having mom and Toby back.


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