Please don't use your electricity

So Texas has been laughing up it's collective sleeve about all the Californians moving to Texas because California sucks so bad.  Of course I read today about recent job creation in California exceeding the combined workforce gains of Texas and New York and the growth exceeding the entire workforce of the state of Nevada.  (The Arizona workforce likely has continued to outstrip.  They need lots of people to create 'newly found' ballots).

So what happens when you have an increased population?  They want to drink water and cool their houses.  So we're on permanent water rations and now ERCOT is 'shocked I tell you' that we don't have enough power.  For some reason it is hot this time of year.  How did that happen?

It is always a discussion in my head between causation and correlation but this is pretty much a done deal.  The rate of growth here is really hard to fathom.  I thought it was a lot before but the rate of housing starts is double what it was a couple of years ago.  Places I used to ride my bike that were rural are now developments.  All those people need infrastructure and it is falling behind.   As is the ability to find low wage employees (aka — newly arrived future citizens).  Why are we working so hard (now the Gov is proposing spending money towards building our own walls —  we're not using it on infrastructure so we may as well) to keep people out who are the solution to part of the problems.  

The day when the pendulum fully swings towards brown power in this state will be a huge change.  Absent racism acquiring help to fill vacancies in this state will result in a much more robust immigration plan.

Meanwhile, please don't use any of the infrastructure.  We don't have enough to go around.   


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