Thoughts on Amazon [cont.]

So what if you knew that a good sized portion of the profit from everything you bought went to charity?

I've long supported the ASPCA with my purchases using the Amazon Smile link.  It is a miniscule amount but the charity has received $10.5 million so there is strength in numbers.

And I've long realized that for every operating system I buy there will be a portion of the net profit going to world disease relief and all the other Gates Foundation work.

But now it is even more direct and understandable.  MacKenzie Scott owns 4% of Amazon and she tries without success to give that money away faster than it accrues.  She has people actively looking for organizations whose goals align with hers and who can leverage the money she gives them to move those mostly social goals forward.  She articulates it here.  She has leverage and amazing ideas of how to use it.

So 4% of the resulting profit of anything bought at Amazon goes to the places that need it most.  And that does not address anything that Bezos contributes between happy flights or what Amazon contributes as a company.

That's all.  We need more evil capitalist empires like Amazon.


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