OAF triathalon

The ironman is swimming 2.4 miles, riding 112k and running 26.2.

My version is a 1.5 walk with Zoe, a 7.5 mile bike bike ride, and mowing the grass.  I added a water feature too with my shower.

I felt accomplished and it was all before 10AM or, as we call it here, 90 degrees.

The morning walk was actually cool.  I was wishing for a bit I'd worn a light shirt.  So the follow on events were pretty nice too.  

Quiet day for us anyway.  Not for Austin.  The groot crew started gearing up yesterday for the first Austin FC home game.  Of course it is only available on paid TV (Fubo and the CW).  I suspect my love affair with Austin FC is nearing an end.  The stadium has a capacity of 20K and, like all such events, is a major half day drudgery to get there.  The local games are available on Fubo @$64/month.  The ones not at home are streamed through their web site and I can Google cast them.  I guess if they get good enough they will be on national some more.

But I'm not buying a subscription to see them.  And am not going to pay for a day at a stadium in 90+ degree heat to watch.

So, I'm thinking that I'm done already and it is their first ever home game.

Ah, well.  So it goes.


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