Happy "I really don't need that but" Day

And, yes, I mean you Amazon.

So hard to stay away.  I can feel the pull to my other screen as I write this.  It has already sucked me in for a kitchen spoon holder, a surge protector multiplug, and another of my custom T-shirts.  All three good deals.  The surge protector and T-shirt especially.  I need to reroute and do it right for my PC desk arrangement and this is perfect and, Yay!!, a special just for today.  But in the next 14 minutes.  90% sold out.

And I was wanting another of my custom T-shirts and would have bought at the full price of $25 anyway.  They are light stretchy fabric perfect for my full figure in the summer.  I've got three and now a fourth on the way.  And I may get another while they are cheap.

But that is ALL!!

Although.. I could really use a..... 


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