Remembering winter

As the world is well aware, Texas was without power for a while last winter.  With it came the realization that I was woefully unprepared for no power, no water.  The constant warnings of repeats of such (and although there is no such thing in Texas as climate change, there will be repeats) sent me to the FEMA site for a list of what I should have on hand.  I thought I might get lucky and have what I need from Amazon pop up on the bargain days.  Didn't happen.

Regardless I'm moving forward.  I'm thinking at the rate we're going we may have power loss (and therefore water loss) again.  So I bought an emergency radio/powersource/kind of thing.  It is actually pretty nice and reasonably priced.   And a water purification system.  I'll add some emergency food and lots of water.  They say 72 hours but we really needed longer last winter.  

I've got an LDS friend and apparently they maintain a year's worth of emergency provisions.  If society can't reknit itself in less than a year we're in the middle of a Walking Dead episode and I'm going to find Negan and get a job.

I'm not sure any of the above makes me a prepper.  I haven't even bought the required Mossberg much less an AK.


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