A nice morning

We had some rain and lightening/thunder last night.  It is always hard for me to tell since my wife has a sleep machine that sounds pretty much like last night.  But the thunder made me realize it was real weather.  So the morning was really nice and I happened to be ready to try a local bike and hike trail.  

I've got a Marin Alpine Trail 29" mountain bike that I seldom ride.  It is a way better bike than the rider deserves.  At my best I was a mediocre mountain bike rider coming to the sport late.   It has mountain bike tires and I'm used to road bike much thinner ones.  But the ride is smooth no matter the terrain so it is nice to my body and has a ton of gears.

I rode for more than an hour exploring the trails most of which were smooth and rolled out and made for baby carriages.  But an hour of peddling anywhere, any time is good.  I'll maybe take tomorrow off and then do it again or maybe do a road bike ride for variety.

So easy to mount the bike though I can decide in the morning if I want to take it somewhere for a ride:

Love running around with my bike on my back now.
Love running around with my bike on my back now.


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