Star Wars Air Conditioning

I was reminded by susandennis entry today talking about summer in the city of a memorable time in the summer of 1977.  We (my wife de jour and I) had moved to the city for a gig in a theater management agency.  Most of the plebeians like us had at best a window air conditioning unit that fought gallantly but fruitlessly to conquer the heat .  Walking down the street was often like walking in the light rain as the window AC's above you dripped condensate.  This was the weather discussion in July:

 21 - Today's high of 104° was a record for the date and the third day of the last four to have a high in the triple digits.  Today was also the final day of a nine-day heat wave that saw afternoon highs average 97° (ten degrees above average). 

This was also the summer of Star Wars.  Before the Internet came along telling us what to think about everything, movies could be released and not everything was known about them even a few months later.  'Star Wars, A New Beginning' was released in May.  We got to the theater in July.  It was early afternoon and the back of the theater had ash trays as it was the smoking section.  And the theater was COLD!!

Donna and I no doubt had cold drinks and popcorn and smoked and forgot about the frying pans called sidewalks that cities such as NYC generate in summer.  And saw a movie we really knew little about so it was all new and shiny and a discovery.  As it ended, neither of us even considered leaving the theater.  We watched it twice.  I do remember taking a nap in the middle of the second one.

It was the summer of Son of Sam who would be arrested a month later.  

We were oblivious.  And cool.  And surfing on the imagination of George Lucas.  It was wonderful.


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