Ribs report and today

The ribs were good.  Not my best due to timing.  They were done a couple of hours before the company came so I put them in the oven.  I've never actually done this and now I know why.  I had the oven on 250F and thought it would just keep them warm.  I covered them in aluminum foil.  When I took them out they were not dry but were fall of the bone ribs.  Overcooked.  They taste fine but the texture is a little off.  No one complained and I was the only one disappointed.  

I've been cooking ribs for over 50 years and am still making mistakes.  The problem is that usually I hit it just right so I don't learn anything.  Yesterday I learned something about timing.  So it goes.  Just gives me another reason to do it again.

Which brings me to having company in the house.  It the best of times pre-pandemic we did not have guests.  I'm one of the 15  or so percentage of men who don't have close friends.  I had one adult friend when I lived in Florida but once we moved to Texas the connection was no longer there.  Dana has a bunch but they are all overly chatty wine-women who she knows I don't much like to have around.  So our house has been a quiet sanctuary with no visitors for the most part.  Having a couple come over was interesting.  The guy worked for me for maybe three years and we've kept in touch since.  He is one of the more interesting people I've ever known.  As socially awkward as I am (and as his girlfriend is) so it is a match.  

It was nice having people around and, of course, we are exhausted today.  Definition of an introvert.  People exhaust me.  But once in a while is good.  They are fully vaccinated and not social butterflies and are careful and childless.  So as safe as can be.  And he makes his own, very good, beer.  So there is that.

All in all a good evening.


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