Van Gogh

I love art despite my Art Appreciation classes in college.  I had a friend of mine in the class who had a better attitude about it "Hey, want to get stoned and go look at some pictures?".  But I had no patience.  Despite that I know right much about 1800's through 1930's or so art and I love it.

So the local speedway, AKA, The Circuit of the Americas, brought. "The Van Gogh" experience to Austin.  I don't know where it came from but it had issues.  The core of the 'experience' was half an hour in a large room (in a huge tent) that projected Van Gogh images onto the 20 foot or so high walls and the floor (not the ceiling, though).  

Size can be ascertained by the person standing next to the wall here
Size can be ascertained by the person standing next to the wall here

I had some larger 360 degree shots that would not really work on this site.  The room and projections and sound reminded me of a Laurie Anderson concert.  It was multimedia theater.  And as far as that went it was interesting.  Not overwhelmingly inspired but you know someone was trying very hard for that.

But the rooms that fed into the half hour extravaganza were made up of the worst art appreciation class I've ever attended.  Huge plastic windows hung interspersed artistically with empty frames and some mirrors.  Quotes from Van Gogh (as a writer, he was a great painter) were written on some of the windows, blurbs about the art and impressionism and bits about Van Gogh and Gaugin were on the rest.  Much of the writing had grammar and spelling errors and at best made the entire impressionism movement sound like a snooze fest.

So, all in all not worth the two hour drive and $80.  But, that said, I've not got in my head that I need to go back and do some wandering through the 1800's art world again.  I miss it.

While I was out.... England and Federer won.  Thank heavens for YouTubeTV recordings!!


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