Fighting age

I've allowed myself to get old in the past three years.  In the summer of 2018 I had my hip replaced and walking became much less painful.  Then summer of 2019 I had my opposite knee replaced.  It was way more difficult to come back from and was months before I could rotate the pedals of a bike 360 degrees.  So I allowed myself to become physically complacent.  

I've been spending a bit more time on a bike recently.  Since I can't run that is my primary mode of exercise.  Yesterday I decided to ride my old 20 mile loop beginning and ending where we used to live.  It has enough hills to be demanding and 20 miles is about right.  So I took twice as much water as I usually did and had a protein bar before starting to be sure I had some energy. 

90% of the ride was really good.  I felt strong enough and enjoyed seeing the deer again along the route.  The last 10% and the follow on even now, several hours later, has been less successful.  It sucked a lot out of me to do what I was able to do on a daily basis before work just four years ago.

Not giving up.  Just the reverse.  I'll do a 7ish mile ride tomorrow morning from the house here to be sure my muscles don't forget what it is like to exercise every day.  And maybe some kind of trail ride the following day.  Then we'll see if I'm up for a repeat of the 20 mile loop.  

Maybe not ready to be old yet.


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