Another joint after my visit to Seattle?

Naah.. not that kind of joint. 

My shoulder kind of joint.  I guess it is a hold over from being in the Navy.  My right hip got so bad I had to change to a riding lawn mower and lean on the shopping cart just to walk around the store.  Fixing that was miraculous.  Then my left knee was causing similar problems.  Replacing it was not quite as miraculous.  It was way more painful of a rehab but now is fine.  Still and always a little stiff but no pain.

But my left shoulder has been hurting for years and now it a constant thought in my head.  And I'm taking too much Aleve and dreading pulling off my t-shirt with the spike of pain it causes.  Since we saluted in the Navy right handed I always carried whatever I had in my hand on my left side.  Briefcase or whatever.  So after 20 years I got used to that and carried PCs that way for another 15 or so.  

I really would rather not get it replaced but will only tolerate so much continuous pain when I know I'm six months of rehab away from having none.  The anesthesia and surgery concern me a little so we'll see.  Appointment later this month to discuss it with my friendly Ortho.  


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