Stuff that likely doesn't affect you

I'm inundated.

Down to watching the last hour or so of a stage of the Tour each day.  No time for more.  At that the competition is riveting.

And then there's the daily Wimbledon.  Down to the last two women.  Fortunately the incredibly loud Sabalenka lost.  I don't mind her so much with the sound off but like Sharapova I can not stand to listen to her noise for an entire match.  And now I don't have to.  I'm pulling for Barty but it should be a good match with Pliskova.  I like them both.  Barty just looks so smooth and like she's barely hit the serve that clocks in a 116.  (For those of you who don't play, the fastest serve I hit in my 45 years of tennis was maybe 85 or so).

Much as I am kind of neutral about his personality, I think Djokovic will win the men's Wimbledon but we'll see how he does tomorrow.  He's really not been tested yet which is an amazement in itself.  I'd like to see him win a gold medal and the U.S. Open mostly because so many say he can't.

And then there's Euro 2020.  I've watched a little of it and enjoyed seeing England make it to the finals.  The country is going to have a rafter rattling day if the country wins on Sunday.

And I need to get a bike ride in tomorrow on top of all that before I take my bikes into the shop for tune-up and refitting while I'm gone to Seattle.


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