Last minute things to do

First:  Finish stage 14 of the Tour. — Check

Second: Finish the woman's Wimbledon finals. — Check

Third:  Take my second bike to the shop to get its tires replaced while I'm gone. — Check

And then Zoe walk and boarding passes and, oh yeah, packing. — Check, check and ...  well not yet.

I'm on track for the trip to see my sister susandennis .  Be there tomorrow afternoon after getting on a 7AM flight out of Austin.  Flying has the potential to be interesting now days.  I've got Pre-check security and only one carry on bag so I'm usually through the airport security and at the gate in about 10 minutes that time of day.  

But with all the news of idiots on planes I'm a little anxious.  The flying doesn't bother me.  I've flown more times than I can count and since I was about five years old.  

I've got my cone of silence kit.  Bose sound eliminating headphones, Kindle, Android tablet, audio book.  The works.  

Fingers crossed the idiots are on other flights.


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