And here we are

I feel like there should be an on the scene news cast about my flights:

"Everyone wears mask on a plane"

"No fights on two successive flights"

"Passengers respect and are nice to crew members"

Something like that.  It was wonderfully boring other than not being able to start the engine.  The aux engine failed and they brought over something else (different name they said on the intercom but I couldn't hear it).  I think it was a kind of wind machine that spun up the engine enough that it could kick off.  spacefem can no doubt elucidate.  Once they got the thing spinning everything was fine and we left ending up in Seattle about an hour and a half late.  All of which was fine compared to issues others have had.  I still consider my air karma to be good.

Scored two Krispy Creme doughnuts on the way home.  And dinner outside at a lovely neighborhood restaurant.

And here we are:

Drinking coffee and computing and playing with our toys
Drinking coffee and computing and playing with our toys

Biggie either remembers me or not (how can you tell with a cat?) but he and I get on fine.  He loves attention and likes me.  I did get a 'look' this morning "you still here?  Huh."

I was exhausted by sitting all day and went to bed around 8 but since it was 10 my time I slept really well and up early this morning none the worse for wear.

Work to do this morning finishing the patio cleanup project.  The muscled men come in a couple of hours to do the only part of the clean up that is difficult.  So, work, work, work.  Such a hard life.


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