Back at my desk and not much has changed

A PIA trip yesterday which, wit a very little research, turned out to be a problem that should have been solved in advance by me.  The Southwest hub is Austin and they only have search and reservations on their own site.  No Google or Expedia or any other.  This worked on me.  I got used to just searching Southwest and grabbing what was available.  Most of the time it is OK.  It always means a plane change to/from Seattle but I just assumed.......

Yesterday as I was sitting in Denver (AKA, least favorite airport for a layover) I looked up flights to/from Seattle and found three different airlines with direct, non-stop flights taking two hours less than what I was doing and costing about the same.  Not like I've never travelled before.  So now I'm sore from kicking myself too.  Last time I'll do that, though.

Other than the lovely time in Denver the flight was fine.  No drama from the passengers, again.  It was all smooth and friendly.  

Not so much when I got home.  Turns out things have changed for the worst:

We live, as you might surmise, in Williamson County Texas.
We live, as you might surmise, in Williamson County Texas.

This is bad enough but the reactions on the vehicle closest to social media I get is generally "the government is manipulating numbers".  So look for things to get worse.  

I'll be in my bunker ordering food and distancing myself from humanity.  Again.  I don't think they will miss me.


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