Testing new bike tires

I'm a little tired still even after resting and a little bit of a nap.  I did an hour of trail riding on my mountain bike with its new tires.  The tires are much less knobby.  Like changing from bubba truck tires to normal street tires.  They have a lot less resistance.  They are also not slip proof.  The one thing about my mountain bike tires is I could go up a curb or a trail of rocks or through a bunch of sand and the bike would stay right under me.  Between the shock absorbers up front and the soft knobby tires I didn't have to pay much attention to terrain.  Now I do.  

Still not as stiff as my road bike and I didn't come close to slipping but at least now I feel like I need to pay attention.  That is fine.  I've got about 35 years of experience on various bikes so I'm pretty safe.

I drank a lot of water.  This was riding in about 88 (31-ish) degrees sunny and fairly humid.  I took it easy and drank about a quart per half hour while riding about an hour at a not too fast speed.  So it was safe.  But I did feel wiped out by the end so I'm still acclimating.  

Tomorrow I'll go down to the air conditioned gym we have and do some elliptical and weights.  Then maybe some road biking on Saturday or Sunday when the traffic around here is quiet. 

Fortunately I'm not sensitive to the air quality as Dana is.  She can hardly breathe.  I've got a bit of a runny nose but not nearly bad as that.


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