Unsocial media

LJ is only one of two social medias I follow and it barely qualifies as being in that category.  The other is Next Door and I only use it as a local news paper seldom going beyond the headlines.  Unfortunately I did today and nothing good came of it.

Someone posted whining about the government once again forcing us to wear masks.  That myth opened the floodgates of every cranky Q oriented neighbor in a ten mile radius ending with a short screed blasting Megan Rapinoe for being anti American and...  I stopped reading shortly there after.

In general the gist of thought by the white central Texas intellectual elite was to stop watching the fear mongering TV networks because the statistics are skewed especially since Soros and Gates bought all the testing labs and blah, blah, blah.

Having dipped my toe into the cesspool I think I'll take a shower.


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