Single again

Dana is going back up to Tyler for the 4th or 5th birthday of her grandson.  When they were here a few weeks ago her son and D-I-L were encouraging me to come up with Dana.  They have lots of room.  And a pool.  And land to ride a mountain bike.  Nothing to keep me here.

I just nod my head and mumble 'sounds great'.  But it sounds like one of the circles of hell to me.  When Dana leaves and it is just me and Zoe and a quiet, cool, clean house.  No packing, no 8 hours round trip in a car, no kids..... 

It is funny to watch her son and DIL who seem almost desperate to have people around them all the time.  They are the most social people I've ever seen by far and are nice but exhausting to be around.  And then there are the kids.  

But I'll be here without an excuse for being there.  They will get over my absence.  Or not.  I'll enjoy the quiet.   Counting flowers on the wall.


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