Didn't last long

Dana came back home yesterday.  Despite my loss of bachelorhood I was glad she did.  Apparently D-I-L had a melt down while she was there over something that is was not really about, I'm sure, and Dana left to spend one night at an aunt's house in the area then back here.  To sanctuary.  Totally screwed the party I had planned.  The hookers were distraught.  Ah, well.  

Nice that she was happy to return and nice that this is the place that is safe.  

Changing directions completely, if you are interested in an excellent 20 or so minutes' explanation of what is going on with Covid this is finally a great, clear, well spoken condensed version in The Daily Podcast.  The good and bad but weirdly factual.  Not used to that.  For the record, msconduct , you were completely right about the US response or lack thereof to the Delta.  It is going to be a bad few months and you called it.

Today will be some strength training.  I did an hour and a quarter yesterday on the bike.  Last time I did that I was exhausted.  This time I was not.  And I could go out now if I wanted.  But I really need to do some physical therapy and strength so I'll do a bit of that and rest.

I ran the same route twice so it is overlaid.
I ran the same route twice so it is overlaid.

Ready for the last two and a half months of summer!!


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