Down for the day

About once a year or so I have an issue with my back.  Usually I can account for it but something I did but sometimes it just tightens up and is painful.  Recovery is fortunately a few days away every time and there is not much I can do but take it easy until then.  

So that is where I am today and have been for a couple of days now.  Just waiting it out with NSAID's and some light stretching and ice every now and then.  All of the cures don't typically make much difference but it makes me feel like I'm doing something useful.  It will go a way and I'll be fine by Sunday.

Meanwhile I've got a new string trimmer waiting for me at Lowes.  The one I've had for years now finally just started randomly feeding the string as it went along without regard for it being needed or not.  So it would go through a spool of string in no time at all spewing it all over the place.  I thought it was bad string but when I bought some better stuff and the same thing happened I decided it was the trimmer and ordered a new one.  The identical one was under $70 so no complaints.  It will last me another six years and comes with a new battery which will last as long.  I tried to get the exact same one so my current batter will work.  We'll see when I pick it up if I was successful.   I've gone from a riding lawn mower and a gas powered string trimmer to a battery mower and battery trimmer.  From two hours to cut the grass and trim to about 25 minutes.  I LOVED my riding lawn mower but am happy to be able to keep the yard in near perfect condition with less than half an hour's work every couple of weeks.  


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