Shopping day in Wilco

This county is rapidly heading into a Covid peak that will match and may exceed the worst of it:

Height was about 25k new cases... we're approaching 17K
Height was about 25k new cases... we're approaching 17K

Of course this area is racing Florida to the basement.  I'm only glad I don't have children in school or a job with employees.

I've now shopped via curbside pickup twice now and will probably keep it up.  HEB does not charge and I'm getting better at setting it up.  I've got a list of the usual suspects on the app that comes up on the web site too so I can just check off the list and move it to the cart.  They have a lot of openings frequently including same day.  The only thing better will be with the new one is done this fall a quarter mile from us.

Point being I did not see anyone other than the woman who delivered to our car.  She did not wear a mask but it was outside so no foul.

But Costco was a demonstration on how to spread a pandemic.  The Delta variant is advertised on every venue as far more transmittable and equally or more deadly.  But maybe 10 percent of people in Costco wore masks.  The space is not really conducive to spreading the virus.  It is open and airy and we did not go near anyone so I was not really worried but statistically half the people in the store were unvaccinated.  Not sure what the likelihood of them being carriers but I'm sure it was higher than I would have liked.

We did our thing and left.  

School starts around here on the 12th, this week.  The local ISD web statement is neither a requirement to be masked nor, of course, immunized for either teachers or students.  This in line with the Governor's proclamation mandating a continuation of the pandemic.   "Effective immediately, Leander ISD highly recommends our students, staff and families wear masks to prevent the further spread of the disease." 

There's going to be a lot of sick children in a few weeks.


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