Bill Schubert (bill_schubert) wrote,
Bill Schubert

post dithering action

Well, two stores later (Walmart AND HEB) and one bike ride I feel virtuous and ready for drink and a steak with a few minutes for quiet reading.  

On my third Podiobook and this one I may finish.  The first was read by the author into a cheap microphone in an echo room I dropped about the third time he yelled into the crappy mike.  The second turned into a religious diatribe.  This one is pretty good.  Down the Stephen King road but well read, good acoustics, and a pretty good story line with characters having a lot of developmental potential.  It is a prequel novella to an existing novel.  The guy is pretty interesting.  Definitely not my generation, but creative (,

Good bike riding material even if the chapters don't automatically string alone so I have to start a new one every 15 minutes or so.  I can do it without stopping but is is a little hazardous to my phone.  
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