Not always Friday after my birthday

But it is always the 13th.  Today is just special.  And I'm old.

Got mail from the IRS explaining the 2019 tax refund I received yesterday.  Nothing new but it reinforced my desire to continue doing my own taxes so I know exactly where things stand and how I got there.   And save a boatload of CPA fees.  I'm still waiting for the final piece so I can do my 2020 return.  Hate not having control.

The other piece of mail I got explained the money I got from the IRS after my refund.  It was mislabeled in my checking account making it look like a refund when it was, finally, the last stimulus payment, a number I should have recognized.  

So I'm two out of three with the government.  Unfortunately I'll go through the same process next year so I'll be a year behind as long as I'm entangled with the company that acquired mine.  Looking for a solution to that.

Already I miss the opportunity to go out and eat.  We would have gone into Austin last night for dinner had it not been so dangerous.  I'm sorry for the businesses who are going to go through this whole thing again but who are not allowed to even ask if the person coming through the door has a vaccination.  

I got a massage on Wednesday, my first in ages, and the first thing I said when I got there was I had been vaccinated.  She wore a mask the whole time but said she had been too.  I was perfectly comfortable but would have been more so if she had asked me for proof.  But, of course, she's really not allowed to do that.  

Total non sequitur — it is once again a day under 100 (38) degrees here.  In the middle of August that is balmy.  We've had maybe one day that the actual temp was 100 although the usual crop of 'feel like' days over the century.  That has not happened since we moved here in 2005.  As Dana keeps saying, 'it is August and the grass is still green'.


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