Cycling day

Yesterday was pool day (with Dana).  Tomorrow is probably do nothing day.  But today was a bike day.  My hybrid mountain bike on a local mostly asphalt trail.  It is fairly easy riding but really crowded so no more doing that on weekends.  Definitely taking advantage of not working during the week.  

Speaking of which the pool yesterday was adults only.  Second time of that.  Now the urchins are in school there's at most half a dozen people at the pool and NO kids.  It is really nice.  No bid deal as a pool.  No laps.  No diving.  But it is wet and cool and has great places to lie in the shade with a cool breeze.  

Much as I'd like to ride again tomorrow I'm getting killed by the heat even early in the day.  Right now the heat index is 105 (40.5) degrees and it hits that way too early in the day.  I might do a short road tour early.  With it being Sunday and the road traffic I need to cross being sparse I might take advantage with the road bike.  It is nice to have them both functioning so well so I can just have an idea, grab the right tool for the job, and go.  I'm really looking forward to the cooler weather (not asking much.. double fahrenheit digits would be nice).  

It is hard for me to tell when my legs are dead what is because I'm out of shape and what is because I'm 68 (68) years old.  I've never been this age before and I'm kind of annoyed at not being able to do what I want.   

My weight loss journey is going to have a hitch tonight as I think I see some wings coming to go with the Austin FC game.  I've lost my couple of pounds and already look at the daily food intake differently.  So I'm kind of wanting a little craziness, maybe half a dozen wings and a glass of beer.  Let the wildness begin.  


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