Busy morning

Not even noon yet here and I've done my mile and a half with Zoe and seven and a half on my bike around the neighborhood.  The bike ride ended with me feeling powerful like I used to.  The bike felt better than it has in a while.  It is hard to describe but at a point the bike becomes an extension of me and I no longer think about shifting or braking any more than I think about left foot right foot when I walk.  I tried to tell someone once how my shifters worked (they are part of the break) and I could not even remember which I used for which sprocket.  I just shift them and I'm in the right gear.  This is less true with my mountain bike.  But I've got 50 thousand or so miles on a road bike mostly with about the same set up I have now.  I've got a better bike now but the type of shifting has not changed in years.

So I felt natural on it for the first time since my knee surgery.  Still don't have the muscle or endurance I used to have but I'm sure I never will.  But it is nice to knock out 45 minutes or so on the hills and not feel like I've killed my self half an hour later.  

Tomorrow might be a rest by the pool while the urchins are in school day.  I've got nothing on the sked and might should take a day off.

The bike lock I ordered did not work right so I sent it back and ordered a different one, one with a key.  No biking to the pool until I get that on Wednesday.  I'm sure it would be safe but I would be crushed if it weren't.

Off now to find some steak that is not too fatty but thick.  Sunday dinner.

I've got horseradish and scallions on order tomorrow so I can try some sausage and cheese scones.  I hear they are good.


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