One week of Nooming

I had a couple of people ask so here is the one week report (decidedly from my perspective).

1 — Anything new in dieting is what we used to call a fad.  Lots of them have persisted and become commercialized (I saw Paleo and Keto frozen waffle offerings at Whole Foods 365 yesterday).  I've tried a bit of it with the high protein/low carb and find such skews in one direction or another doesn't work for me.

2 — Mostly that whole idea of dieting is wrong headed.  That is Noom's stance and I agree.  I do not want to live the rest of my life without bread.  And cake.  And cookies. And.. well you get the idea.  And Noom agrees.  

3 — I'm philosophically Buddhist, a believer in the middle way.  I mostly suck at executing it but I believe that moderation will result in a more stable and comfortable and enjoyable life.  Noom also is on that.

4 — Losing weight is about 90% psychology and 10% physiology.  Same as the lessons I learned quitting smoking with SmokEnders.  

All of that I knew going in.  The other element that makes a difference in any system is recording and reporting.  Just doing that results in achieving change even if nothing else is done.  So I've lost about five pounds already just paying attention and reporting what I ate (and upping my water and exercise).  I'll gain some of it back in another couple of weeks when I get bored and anxious about not eating what I want when I want.

I've only had a couple of contacts with a 'Coach' so that has not kicked in much yet but I just bought five months worth and my assigned coach is back from vacation today so that will change.  And there is, apparently, a group that I'll be assigned to.  Hopefully they have a curmudgeon's group.  'You're fat!!' 'Yeah, back at you'.

Oh, and the whole thing is done in a phone app which I hate.  I'm a computer person in a phone world.  Nothing to be done about it.  The app is good for such things and there are Reddit groups and Noom recipe sites galore.

So far I do about 10-15 minutes of education a day.  It is ridiculously painless but useful and I always learn a bit more.

There is no magic here.  Unfortunately no one tells you what to do.  They just tell you why you've been doing it and how to make it better.  If you want to.


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