Scam Likely

Just got a voice mail from my good friend Scam Likely.  "It's michael calling back.  Based on your business' Dun and Bradstreet score of 76 we do still have you pre approved for up to a $500 loan.... [and on and on]"

I love people who used DandB to make themselves sound substantial.  My VM translator might have gotten the number wrong but I deleted the actual VM so I'll never know if they actually think a $500 loan is worth anything.  Maybe I'm preapproved for a $500,000 loan.  I'd take that and leave the country.  They could have the business I left behind as collateral. 

It is funny how long my business (shut down nearly 3 years ago now) is still in all the spurious databases that companies, fake and not, are paying money to access.


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