Shouldering on

About six weeks ago I made an appointment to have my shoulder looked at by a guy who specializes in shoulder replacement.  It hurts all the time now and I'm taking lots of Tylenol.  Six weeks ago the hospitals were running as normal.  Getting an 'elective' surgery at this point is, I think, a non-starter.  We'll see but I suspect that I'll just be put on hold.  I was not sure I wanted it done but it's keeping me up at night and with the excellent results of the rest of my titanium joints I'm kind of leaning towards doing it.  

So maybe it will be a Christmas present to me.  If the two previous surgeries are any indication it won't cost anything anyway.  A present I can afford.

The consult will be interesting.  My previous orthopedist who, it turns out, does knees and hips but does not do shoulders took one look at my shoulder x-ray and said 'that's a mess'.  So I think I likely qualify.  I've got bone spurs and deterioration of the ball and/or socket.  These guys look at this stuff and say 'see here?' and I say yes and can never see what the hell they are talking about.  But as long as they can.  

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what the shoulder guy says.  


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