Smart Madness

The Smart Madness shop called back today, a day after I called them.  

They have a whole group of Smart owners and Smart repair people and are plugged into the Smart supply chain, such as it is.  So there is that.  I'm not thrilled with the teenager customization vibe and the fact that they took a day to return my call.  But they do a 'leave your car and we do a full inspection and give you the results and a cafeteria selection of things to fix' kind of deal that is probably worth doing at 66K miles.  And they know what software needs to be updated since that is, apparently, something of an issue.

The other downside is they are an hour away so they take some planning.  Can't just drop it off.

So I guess I'll get my immediate problem fixed, the lack of reverse which is not broken today, at Mercedes this weekend and then plan a long term relationship with these guys who will continue to service Smart Cars for a while.

Meanwhile the Doc office called me back and put me on the shoulder replacement sked for a tentative date of 13 October.  "It is in a different part of the hospital than the Covid area" is not much of an advertisement when they are importing federal morgue trailers to our area of Texas so I need to set up a date to look at that date.  I may push it out.  


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