Dog Aging Project

Zoe is a proud member of the Dog Aging Project Pack.  We've been working with them for about two years now which I think is about when it first started.  Now she and I are going to the next level.  I've enrolled her in a study of a drug that proposes to enhance the quality and longevity of canine life.  We've still got to clear some testing hurtles at one of the project's homes in Texas A&M but if that goes well she will be in one of two groups, the placebo or the medicine, for a year.  Triple blind since the doc, Zoe and I will all three be unaware of which she has.    The study follows her for another two years.

I'm really excited at the opportunity to help future dogs and owners.  It is something I've got the space and money to do (it requires a trip to and from College Station periodically).  

We've already passed the initial screening and I passed the testing for program understanding (actually they wanted me to know more than the people who were going to test the Pfizer vaccine on me did).  Monday is a phone call with an opportunity to ask questions and then make an appointment for the final screening.  It is all very professional.  


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