Noom stumbling block

Not what you'd think.  Not what I thought it would be.  It is not the food, you can eat anything.  It isn't the training.  That takes up 10 minutes a day.  Or the logging.  That is what makes it work and they have an amazing database. 

But everything has to be done on a phone.  This is my particular Achilles heel.  I hate writing on a phone, typing on a phone, attempting to create syntax and meaning with a phone keyboard.  

This is my first real age block.  A phone is not a good platform for lengthy entries of any kind and Noom has the core of their system, coach interaction and group chat, is all only on a phone.  So my participation will be pretty limited.  

We'll see over time if that really matters.  The first thing they want us to do in group chat is "Drop your favorite emoji to indicate you understand the guidelines".  

Is there a Get off my Lawn emoji?


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