Next step w/ Zoe

I was contacted by the Dog Aging Project this morning (U of Washington Vet center) who made sure that I understood what was needed from me and from Zoe and linked to forms signing.

I've already had to read all the background and take a test to ensure I understood it.  Then I had the phone call to be sure I understood and had no questions.  They are really well organized and it shows.  It is nice to work with professionals.

Next is a DNA test (23 and Zoe).  Then a cardiology screening at Texas A&M end of September.  If her heart can take it we begin the study.  Pills for a year and two follow on years of reporting during which time she wears a monitor collar that transmits real time data via wireless.  I think they are monitoring her activity level.  

She gets two check ups a year and money towards medical care if something happens that requires it.  But they have successfully given this drug to a smaller sample before and no issues so I don't expect any.  50/50 chance she'll have the placebo anyway.  We won't know that until after the year is up.  

All very cool.


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