It must be the recall

Tropical Storm Nicolas was going to give us some rain.  We got a notice from Spectrum to prep for a major storm.  But clearly the California recall is heating up and the high air pressure from all the bloviating has pushed Nicolas east where people don't need him or want him.  Of course things like tonight's dinner from Home Chef were auto-delayed by Fedex from arrival today to arrival Thursday so my dinner week is screwed up.  I think we're down to cauliflower pizza.  Sigh.  

Fedex and UPS both have this thing that if you miss your delivery it skips two days down the road.  Like it has to go back to the beginning.  Our food is coming from a warehouse 2 and a half hours from here and will take three days to arrive.  When the shipping is good it is great.  When there is a hiccup, even a faux hiccup, it is awful.

On the bright side the humidity has been so low it is 87 but feels like 77.  So two days in a row of hour plus bike riding.  Like fall around here.  Of course I see 93 by Sunday but at least we're done with the trip digits with only a very few of them at all.

I happened to look at my calendar (normally not worth looking at.. nothing on there) and saw that I've got a hospital screening on Friday.  But I don't know what hospital.  I swear they said they would send me something in the email but now I only know when, not where or what I'm supposed to do there.  I called the original doc who is doing the work and, of course, they were closed at 3:30 so I won't hear until tomorrow.  Hopefully they will be able to find out.  This is a little loose for me.  My finger hovers over the eject button.


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