I'm a loser

Not meaning Noom this time.  That project is kind of a wash this week...  plateau time.

No, as my wife and I were sitting watching the Djokovic match (I was rooting for him to win) she noted that we seemed to be onboard with a bunch of losing efforts.

Exhibit 1 — Austin FC.  They've lost every game but one since May 1.  And I've watched them all.  At this point I'm watching because I've seen every game they have ever played and am not ready to break the string.  And I'm interested to see the turnaround that will eventually happen.  Austin FC has one of the best fan bases in soccer and this city would go wild with a win streak.  But I'm thinking next year.

Exhibit 2 — Jacksonville Jaguars.  We lived in Jax for a long time and the team was formed the year before we got there.  So we've been a supporter from the beginning.  They have very occasionally been an OK team.  They've potentially got the best quarterback in the NFL in Trevor Lawrence.  He's the real deal (and only threw three interceptions last week #welcometotheNFL).  Last week was the first football game he ever lost.  They've potentially got one of the best coaches around in Urban Meyer who has won, a lot, at Ohio State and U of Florida but so far has lost 1 in the NFL.

Exhibit 3 — Leylah Fernandez who was beaten by the brit Raducanu, one year her junior at 18, pretty badly.  I'd been on the Fernandez band wagon from early in the tournament.  Maybe I should send her an apology.

Exhibit 4 — Djokovic.  Well, I wrote about him.

Nowhere to go but up after the past week or so.

Except for my weight.  

Weight down, teams up.  A mantra.


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