I'm shocked, shocked!!!

Great opener in an Axios story today:

Facebook employs hundreds of researchers, many with Ph.D.s. They have found some shocking patterns, including how Facebook makes users angrier and girls deeply insecure.

My guess is whatever report the hundreds of researchers (HUNDREDS of researchers...  that is just an amazing thought to me) came up with is a little more nuanced than that sentence but I'm wondering how many researchers they hired to research the color of the sky.  Anyone with a couple of brain cells capable of thinking that physically attacking the seat of government is civil disobedience knows that FB breeds hate and is toxic to young women.  

Ah, well, moving on.

I think the shoulder replacement is a bit more on track now.  This doctor works with a hospital system I've not interacted with before.  Dana has been in there and they were good but their admin is, so far, kind of scattered compared to my usual one.  But the doc is recommended and seems to be solid and the hospital finally called today and collected the info they need to get started.  But they keep sending me email and I don't receive it.  I added an additional address but haven't received anything from them at that one either.  Really annoying.  But the admin is not the most important part of getting a hospital right.  I scheduled for 13 October so it may happen.  Funny, now that I'm mostly committed, the shoulder hasn't bothered me as much.  I think my knee was the same way.  This is going to be much less traumatic.

I'm thinking today is a shopping day.  I've not ordered anything to be delivered and not ordered anything to be picked up so I might actually go into the store.  We don't need much but I can use the steps.


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