Apparently I now own Home Depot

In the email account I share with an idiot in Minnesota
In the email account I share with an idiot in Minnesota

All the issues that the hospital had getting me connected fell away today when I got there.  Many years ago Dana had some surgery in this same place and they were great.  I felt like coming home as I was sitting in their reception area where I'd spent   more than a few hours waiting.  Nice place.

We did the 60 questions thing all about my history.  And an EKG.  The techs always kind of stammer a bit when they do an EKG on me and say 'do you see a cardiologist?' and I tell them I already know about the AFIB.  And they are relieved.  They are not supposed to interpret but my particular condition is pretty evident and long ago controlled.

Took a bunch of blood and urine and a chest xray.  One thing about having surgery, everything is checked out.

As it happens I've got my annual checkup with my Internist and semi annual with my cardiologist the week before surgery so I'm getting everything checked out thoroughly all at once, then a really good nap, then start rebuilding my shoulder in time for the beach volleyball season.

I'm running out of joints to replace so this should be it.  13 October is the date arriving at a gentlemanly hour of 9AM.  I'll be out of the place by the 14th.  No walking rehab.  Soon as the equipment works again I'll be thrown out with good pain meds and a chit for physical therapy.

Meanwhile I'll have to figure out who can run Home Depot while I'm down.


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