Another day in Le Tour

I wish I had a GoPro so I could post the video but at about mile 10 or so I was going up a hill passing a group of Hispanic workers who were laying down some cabling in the 90 degree heat.  One of them broke off from the group and started running beside me with a bottle of water yelling 'go, go, go'...   it was hilarious and hard to keep pedaling.  Made my day.  I saluted him and moved on up the hill.  I'm probably twice the size of the biggest guy on the tour and about 1% of their speed.  But for that moment I was in the tour!

What I have to do to work off a cinnamon roll
What I have to do to work off a cinnamon roll

I now am the proud possessor of a new Pixel 5a.  Just plugged in and charging.  It is replacing my 3XL which is no longer supported as of next month.  The 5a is a little bit smaller but has a fingerprint reader (primary requirement) and is a Pixel.  Pretty much my requirements.  Very weird no longer having wireless charging but I never used much of the features from that anyway "show your pictures while it charges!!!". 

Changing from one Pixel to another is so easy it is fun.  Nothing to remove, no crapware, no proprietary anything.  Of course I'm stationed right in the middle of the Google stream so it helps.  But start to finish it will likely take me about 10 minutes to have it all done but some of the LastPass security stuff.  

But first, a shower.  


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