Vaxed out

While we were in the area Dana and I got the flu vaccine.  She also got a shingles one but I decided to space out my misery.

Actually I don't feel much from it other than a sore arm but it is the same arm that is attached to my shoulder so it is sore all the time anyway.

Then this morning I went in for a fasting blood test.  No news yet.  I'm interested since I'm on Noom and have cleaned up my act a bit to see where my lipids are as well as the other markers.  They were all OK since I take Crestor but now might be even better.  

This morning it was COLD when I went out for our walk.  We had to go early so I could make my blood draw so it was a few degrees cooler than it would have been anyway but it was really chilly.  I had a long sleeve shirt on.  Two days ago I was dripping sweat from my fingers as I walked.  Getting to be my favorite time of year.

Next week (Tuesday) is the week I take Zoe down to Texas A&M vet college for her checkout prior to becoming part of the trial pack.  I've got to be there at 9 so have to leave here before 7.  It is a boring drive to a university town I've never seen before so it will be a PIA to find the place.  I'm giving the map to Zoe so it should be interesting.


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