How to tell if you're retired

I've got a new phone.  My Pixel 5a.  It has very successfully replaced my Pixel 3xl.  The only thing I miss about the 3xl is the xl.  Well, and the wireless charging.  Just saw an Ikea table idea with built in wireless charging.  Just toss your phone on there and it charges.  This is the way everything should work.  Actually, it should just charge anytime it is in the house through the wireless network.  Having to plug it in seems so 20th century.

But, yeah, with a new phone comes minor screwups occasionally.  Somehow my do not disturb was turned on and did not turn back off.  So that is everything but alarms and phone calls from people in my list.  It is what my phone reverts to at night.  In this case I'm not sure how it was turned on but I was riding my bike and realized I didn't get a notification that my garage door had closed after I left.  I checked to be sure and then it occurred to me that I'd not received any notifications.  Best as I can tell I'd not received any for a couple of days.  

I looked and the "Do not disturb" toggle was turned to on.  Once returned from the ride I pondered.

Now was the conundrum.  If I'd gone two days without my life being unsettled by not having notifications then why turn them back on?  I'd have noticed them being off after about 10 minutes a few years ago back when I was employed and the puppet of everyone. But now?  

Then I realized that I had missed the beginning of a conversation with susandennis and one with my son.  The only reason I noticed them was when I sat at the PC.

An absolutely good enough reason.  I toggled the "Do not disturb" switch and was immediately inundated with VERY IMPORTANT NEWS stories, among other things including the fact that my garage door was closed.

So I need to work on who, what, where and when but there are people and streams I don't want to miss. 


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