32 miles in two days

Not a huge deal for someone who works out a lot but it is the best I've done in three or so years.  

The old neighborhood run
The old neighborhood run

The new neighborhood run ( did the circle twice)
The new neighborhood run ( did the circle twice)

Yesterday I went over to the place we used to live and cycled my old route.  It is pretty near 20 miles with a couple of pretty good hills to end the ride.  Nearly a perfect ride for distance and time.  I think I used to ride it faster than I did yesterday but that data is lost to time.

Today I thought I'd do a few miles just to loosen up and ended up doing 14 miles.

I'm pretty happy with my strength and endurance growth since summer.  It will get screwed when I lose a couple of months with my shoulder.  Maybe longer.  Cycling requires use of the shoulder quite a bit so I may be starting over.

But I'll be going into surgery in decent shape.

Oh, yeah, and I gained a pound yesterday.  Got to love daily weight tracking.


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